Huffy Quick Connect technology

Huffy Quick Connect technology

Have you ever been intimidated by the thought that you have to piece together a bicycle by yourself, without other people’s aid? Maybe even with your child watching on the side, with exciting expression as if they are saying: I’m going to ride this beautiful bike all day long! Truth be told, the more excited they are, the more pressure you have handling this task. Rest assured, Huffy’s Quick Connect is the answer!


Huffy bicycle equipped with Quick Connect technology can be found from the product outer box with this symbol. Red hot style used on the word QUICK tells everyone its main selling point: quick and easy assembly.

With as few as 4 to 5 easy steps, any grown up can get his or her hands on the bike in no time. Let’s use Moto X 16inch as an example. After unpacking, lay every component and parts on the floor so you get a quick and good look at all available components that will be pieced together to become a ridable bike. Firstly, insert training wheels to each side of the bike. This will stabilize the bike as it now can stand by its own without having to lean against a chair or any other solid object. Secondly, insert handlebar and fork from the top and bottom on the front of the frame respectively. Make sure you snap the parts into socket well enough. Just make sure it can’t be separate by applying gentle force on the joint. Next, fold pedals down until they click into place. Lastly, insert seat to the desired height. And then you are all set! A fully assembled bike is ready to take you out and make some fun!


Aside from the instruction that comes along with the bike, Huffy also prepared a short clip that guide you through Quick Connect assembly. With the help of Quick Connect technology, we are seeing more and more often that kids want to try assembling the bike by themselves. After all, a joyful ride starts with a joyful preparation!


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