The Hub by United Wheels in Hong Kong

The Hub by United Wheels in Hong Kong

A bright and vivid bike shop has just landed on the retro Holly Road in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong!  Surrounded by ancient temples, art shops, street arts and fine restaurants, The Hub by United Wheels – company’s first flagship store in Asia, blends well within the neighborhood.  Coupled by its symbolic shape of a bike hub, the shop offers products and services to riders for exciting and fun riding journeys.   


The flagship shop is the company's direct touch point with the customers. It incorporates sales of 3 distinctive brands: Huffy, VAAST, and Niner, as well as other bicycle accessories.  The shop offers beyond sales of the bikes and it holds regular event for all ages of riders with different riding experiences. Ranging from basic scooter or bike try out, cycling trouble shooting, to in-depth maintenance courses.  

United Wheels Asia Ltd is an affiliated to the Covation Holding Group, focusing on the business development for Huffy, VAAST and Niner in Asia-pacific region. Covation group invests in material research and development, product design and manufacturing, and cooperates with many international brands in research and development projects to bring fun to the consumers of all ages and preferences. Brands under Covation Holding are all originated from the United States. Each year it delivers more than 5 million bicycles to thousands of retail locations across the United States. With sales in more than 50 countries around the world, we have presence in independent retail stores, chain stores, mass channel, and e-commerce. With recent hype for green and efficient transportation and strong advocacy from governments and legislative bodies around the world, along with the impact of COVID-19 epidemic, governments not only provide subsidies for greener means of transportation, but also actively building up bicycle infrastructure to encourage people riding bicycles. Covation Holding Group takes advantage of this opportunity to develop the Direct-To-Consumer sales model and network, focusing on expanding business in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  


Hong Kong has vibrant business environment, a low tax incentive and a strong financial services industry. Backed with the production capability in China. That’s why this is the prominent location to set up Asia-Pacific’s sales headquarter.   Said the group President Liu Peng. The Hub by United Wheels is an interactive bridge between the brand and riders. Its’ mission is to cultivates the cycling community in Hong Kong and promotes the concept of riding through indoor courses and test ride events. Combining our rich history and innovative design from the United States, together we are able to leverage on the strength of these 3 places and bring innovative products to the consumer in Asia.

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